Google Brings an Update to its Maps App for iOS Users with More New Options

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Google brings an update to its Maps app

On Tuesday, Google takes the floor by updating its Maps app for iOS users, bringing more new options including walking time and lane guidance. It also comprises an ability to get a ride from the car rent service Uber simply using the app.

The new update brings the plethora of benefits to both commuters and drivers who are in a job of traveling frequently. It might also come handy for those who have to spend more time on their cars.

Major Highlights of the Updated Version

  • All new Turn-by-turn directions mode that lets the users know the right lane and have the quick route overview.
  • View distance, travel time, and the projected arrival at the same time in the navigation mode.
  • Offline Saving mode allows the user to save their desired Maps while they’re traveling or have the bad internet connection.
  • Know the exact walking time of your journey how long you’re gonna hang over there.
  • Filter Search feature to let you know about the nearest hotels, restaurants, bars and even the opening and closing hours.
  • If you got Uber app installed on your handset, then simply open it from the Google Maps while comparing the route options.

Google Maps v3.0

Other important features of the updated app includes – a revamped navigation mode, Offline Maps to custom the list, new scale bar, iPad and iPhone contacts integration and lot more to explore. Go and grab the latest version of the app if you haven’t yet made your way down to it.

The Google Maps v3.0 is now available for free at Apple App Store.


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