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If you are after some apps or software that can do a magic to your photos or videos, then here we are up with a useful iOS app, ColorTime that helps you manage the color casts of videos and photos in a simple way. It offers a gesture-based user interface allowing users to get used to easily.

At the top of screen, you see different controls for getting different results. There’s not any complex work involved; all you need to drag your finger on the screen. So, enjoy playing with your photos and videos with this app and get downloading it if you haven’t already.

Here’s the description of ColorTime mentioned at App Store;

Use ColorTime’s gestural interface to color grade your photos and videos in real-time. The powerful grading tools enable you to make your images and videos look beautiful and professionally finished. With a single touch gesture, accurately manipulate color or tone, in the highlights, midtones and shadows. VertexGrade technology allows you apply grades to organic, freeform selections.

If you’ve done anything wrong while using ColorTime, then no fuss, it gives you one-tap redo, undo and other reset options that’ll get you back to the desired state. Overall, it’s an impressive and powerful tool for color-grading videos and photos in an exclusive way.

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