Get Perfect Selfie with CamMe

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Get Perfect Selfie with CamMe

CamMe is a new app for iOS users as it lets the users control their phone’s camera without touching their iPhones. The app’s main purpose is to allow the users to get their pics and videos with only using their hand gestures. That sounds really great, isn’t it? The inventive gestural system makes this app perfect for Selfies and group shots as well. So get perfect Selfie with CamMe.

The app is very simple to use, users need to turn it ON and then select which camera they want to use, rear camera or front FaceTime camera. The device position is really important, is that appropriate for getting good shots? It  is up to you how you set it. Then raise your hand and it’ll recognize your hand, a sound will play on the confirmation. To get the picture, simply close your hand then a countdown of 3-second will start > after that another tone plays and your picture is ready which can be seen in the camera roll.

Get Perfect Selfie with CamMe

In variable or poor light, CamMe might do a little problem, but more updates are on its way  making it more innovative. On the whole, it’s a new and easy way getting perfect Selfies and group shots in which photographer likes to appear.

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