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new host of iOS appsIt’s time to review your existing apps and extends them with our new roundup of iOS apps. The whole-new app cluster will put a lid on oldish ones. One of them helps you control your children with a unique stuff.


Chore-inator a kids controlling app

Most of the kids aren’t in the  habit of completing tasks at their right time. So, this problem got a cure in the form of Chore-inator ($3) that evokes a habit of doing different tasks in your kids. Now, parents can assign a work to their children in an interesting way. This app will help parents to create punctuality in their beloved kids.

VeggieTales Appisode; 3 Builders

nice leisure for your kids

The kids ($5) engages your children with some of the prominent vegetables such as Cucumber, Tomato and Bob. Before the arrival of Kids, parents were compelled to play a same video again and again. The good news is hidden in Kids that lets your children to enjoy a different experience on each time they play.


organize your plans

The sunrise a calendar app which has been upgraded, enlarging its scope to the iPad. The new upgrade also comes with month and week views that help you plan your schedule for important tasks. It shows your latest events every time you open the application.

NHM Alive

Make a tour to the Museum

This app ($5) makes possible for you to visit the National History Museum virtually, narrated by Sir David Attenborough in a soft tone. It has some additional clips which will be unlocked on the actual tour of the museum.


Horizon a video app

Many people forget to arrange their iPhone’s camera in the exact landscape mode, that results in a weird face that looks as if you are peeking through a hole. The Horizon ($1) a video app allows you to shoot your video without having your camera in the appropriate position. This app comes handy when composing your chaotic video into the right one.


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