Evomail+ for iOS 7 Brings Lots Of New Features

| January 16, 2014 | 0 Comments

new Evomail+

The Evomail a very famous 3rd party mail client for the iOS devices, has released Evomail+ especially designed for iOS 7 users. It contains a stew of new features, comprising filtering tools, gestures, Box.net & Dropbox integration and more.

The interface looks pretty good under the hood of iOS 7. It’s clutter-free interface lets you manage your inbox with great ease. It gets more appealing with the bunch of new features that compel you to wear it on your iOS 7 device.

new interface of Evomail

The new interface of Evomail+ is gesture-oriented, only a single click is needed for reply and forward. ‘’With the overhauled Evomail+, we centered on streamlining the experience of users by producing One button, that allows fast navigation of your messages and inbox,’’ Dominic Flask said, cofounder and chief designer.

You can now change the gestures, swiping to the right side could archive a message while doing this in the opposite direction might delete it. It is up to you how you customize it. A new propriety called ‘EvoCloud’ focuses to improve the push notifications and eliminates bugs. It automatically searches for the new mail in no time, so you don’t need to carry this process manually.

It’s a good option for those who’re looking for 3rd party mail client. The Evomail+ has no match with its forerunner as it comes with lots of new features, for more info regarding Evomail+ click here..


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