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Elf Yourself for iPhone

There are only a few days left behind for the big day celebrations, everybody wants to enjoy this Christmas in his/her own way. There are lots of things that you can do on your handsets making this big event more enthusiastic. We’ve come with an iOS app named Elf Yourself, unfortunately Android users can’t enjoy this app as it comes only to iOS devices.

Elf Yourself developed by OfficeMax lets you elf yourself and watch yourself dancing on a Christmas song. The idea first came in 2006 as a website but later on, it got a large popularity among users. Now, iPhone users can enjoy this fun on their devices.

Elf Yourself Christmas app

This app will let you star in your favorite pop type video, but it’ll show you dressed up like an elf dancing in a funny way. So, you can have this fun with your friends to make them laugh. You can share this video on Facebook and other social media sites. Enjoy your holidays making fun of yourself with your friends.

Select your dance theme and then see yourself dancing in a video which can be stored in your computer. But Hip Hop is my favorite dance with any suitable theme like Classic, Charleston, Soul and 80’s.

Elf Yourself Christmas app

If you want this app to be seen on your handset then you’ll need to have a device running Apple’s iOS 5.1 or later. Otherwise you can use website here.

Download Elf Yourself from App Store.

Update: Elf Yourself is now available for Android users


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