Dark Sky A Perfect Weather App for Your iPhone

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Dark Sky A Perfect Weather App for Your iPhone

The Dark Sky has been rocking iPhones around a couple of years. But now, it has been redesigned for the new iOS 7, that makes it perfect for knowing weather forecasts. Spending $3.99 won’t hurt you as you’re getting the best out of it. For me, it’s a perfect weather app for your iPhone.

Should I go out for a walk or will it be safe to bring out my cute little puppy along? Apart from it, there’re tons of things that let you make sure the weather will remain okay out there. So, why not to get an umbrella before the rain starts?

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The totally overhauled Dark Sky helps you find the exact timing for the precipitation right before you plan an outdoor trip. The multi-paned view splits weather information into a fascinating way, that you’ve never observed before. The Map View is the big fish of Dark Sky as it lets you spin the globe in a funny way. You must be thinking about its correctness whether it’s as accurate as you want. Yes, that sort of questions have also clicked my mind. But, they all went wrong the day I use this app.

Otherwise, there’s no dearth of weather apps that offer a low price tag with catchy features. But, I bet they all are nothing in front of Dark Sky a better idea with exact predictions. It’s better to spend just only $3.99 than buying a new pair of shoes as your old ones just got ruined in the rain.


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