Daily App Dose – ClipUp Knows Very Well How to Organize Your Digital Life

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Looking for someone who can better take care of your activities or plans? If so, I’ve known about a handy iPhone app ClipUp does everything required in managing your digital life. It helps users jot down their innovative ideas, special notes together with images and videos.

The newly-updated app offers an easy-to-understand user interface that there won’t be any issue with it. Peter Fischer is the man behind this innovation who brought its unique idea to the users making their lives much easier.


What’s interesting about ClipUp? It offers a simple and beautiful way to pile up your files, images and notes with ease. You can write down you sudden-come ideas and inspirations using a dead simple interface.

User can find it best when they need to save a recipe with image demonstration. In other words, it’s a one-stop shop for those who want their life organized. From planning your trip to gathering last-minute ideas, the app covers everything you need to be aware of in advance.

ClipUP iPhone app

Professionals and creative folks should give it a little consideration if they really want a helping hand in their lives that can sum up all of their tasks, notes, ideas and plans into one place. They can store everything from digital world like websites, videos, audio files, text and images.

Grab ClipUp for $2 from Apple App Store.

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