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Crunch uses to extract apps and its files along with ability to export icons, images and material of Mac applications. iPad and application files can also be extracted with this new app, developed by Pragmatic Code which enables a user to view inside materials of the selected app.

Extract IOS apps make your work easyNormally it happens that, every app has different internal features and no one can view these programs but with the usage of this app you can view the internal programming traits of an app.

How it will be Your Favorite?

Once you use this Crunch you can view the whole files and application’s material by extracting it on your system’s screen. Not only this you become able to extract icons, export images from PNG and can use these images for your Mac and viewable on your Mac system.

1Crunch use to extract apps on your Mac but it needs to have OS X 10.7 Mac system to run or its latest models. In case of having Lion system with OS X 10.7 XCode 4 is require to process this app which is easily downloadable from apple’s store.

You can avail the opportunity of this app to use fifteen days free trail but it will be on trial based, after that you have to purchase it from web in $9.

2Its latest version solved the issues related to different bugs but the cause to corrupt files while opening applications that’s why it is not commonly used among people.

This app is used to transform images or icons into the different look like you can change its structure and make applications more attractive and pretty to see.

3The other features of Crunch app will review its other tactic to enhance the speed of your system for display files and apps more speedily than before its use.

Through it a large sized image display with retina quality is also possible and click the key to zoom it which will remove whole content of this app just show you the image of your interest.

4If you want to extract more than one app than you can do this at one time that just drag the whole selected files in to the crunch app and press the button to extract these and give few seconds then you will able to see the whole applications in extracting position of display, really this is amazing and wonderful to use.

5Crunch use to extract apps is effective in searching applications into your system by spotlighting facet just put the keyword of that app and it will search you from whole settings or folders of your Mac.

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