Best YouTube Extension for iOS 6

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Which one is Best YouTube extension for your IOS 6, YourTube or YouTube? Two tubes are described here to give you the best one choice for selecting one of two that you consider better one. yourTube is specially designed for IOS 6 whereas ProTube is made for YouTube.

Both are functioned well and approximately same with a little difference and provide facilities to downloads, Airplay mirroring and to block things. If you wish to decide one of these after using them then, you will find the difference in their using method or their image preview span and nothing else.

ProTube and YourTube:


YouTube extension for IOS 6

ProTube is available to purchase in 1.99 $, on the other side YourTube 49.99 $. This is the rate of Cydia whereas for persons having jailbroken devices can download these free of cost. If it’s not possible then these are available on cheapest rates.

Before purchasing the application you should have enough knowledge about both to select the best YouTube extension for your IOS 6. If you look for functional differences between both then no doubt both are at good position in performing task and have equal functionality with just a little difference of imaginary level or usage style.

ProTubeIt is prestigious for integration with connections but has low quality of resolution to give the best result and YourTube fulfill this element with sparkle screen.

Well ProTube is less complicated to give understanding about its features than YourTube. Downloading styles are just like import of videos and music to other connection.

It can work on many connections even both are eligible to download or stream music and videos to other links. Once the downloading procedure completes it sends you a message of completion which is the best one feature.

As the quality of  YourTube that it can brings media without having connections to whole bridge, ProTube is just able to bring media apps by making connection to the bridge and without which is unable to import.

This is the superior quality of YourTube tweak, on the other side YourTube cannot able to bring videos by making bridge like ProTube. I

t is also considered that ProTube is a hand holding app to work making bridge with diverse networks and YourTube is entirely work alone having no bridge quality. Well YourTube take credit to manage its settings of blocking, add and Airplay having preferences settings folder to do that which is not in ProTube.

Are you interested to have one of the best YouTube extensions for your IOS 6 to download and stream videos available on YouTube site to watch later? Then select the best suited tweak to your device to make it successful.


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