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If you have iPhone and want to install the best applications on it to make it more  favorable for you then you can take one step ahead to read the best 5 apps for you iPhone.

After reading realize your favorite one choice for apps to install on your device then do it and get benefit from these apps.

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In this article we will discuss apps about saving your material or keep remembering your passwords without giving you any tension and other useful applications to use in your daily basis tasks.


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PocketThis application is made for iPhone and iPad, more effective to storing things for future use. No issue about its category because it can store your files, videos, documents and anything you want to save. It provides you facility to read or watch stored things without connection of internet. So during travelling or at home you can spend your free time with it. Just put the favorite page in it and will automatically store.


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LetterpressIn best 5 apps one is the Letterpress, which is a game of words which takes strips and played to find words. It is an amazing simple game against other apps. You can easily find words from its dictionary and available in latest version of 1.3. it has specialty to filter these words from documents which you need. You can also find words with name and its length. 

1 Password:

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1 PasswordMost of us are week in remembering tiny things like passwords or keywords. Now 1 password is an application through which you can save your personal information regarding to your links, passwords and keywords. It has its own private lock which protect your precious data from others in case of losing your device. Editing, creating and removing passwords facility is also help you to change your information when you need to do.

Google Map:


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Google MapsNow it becomes possible for iPhone user to install Google map app on their device which allow them to watch the whole world on small screen. You can search your required place, city, even street without facing problems just need to have internet connection. It is a reliable source to search places that where you want to go for dinner, party or for business deal. Really wonderful and helpful in today's busy life to find places in seconds or without going some where.

Goodnight Moon:

Price: $4.99

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Goodnight MoonIt belongs to the category of books which have too many touchable objects and animated features to say your loved ones goodnight especially kids. It play music and tunes which work of lullaby before going to bed and calm down the child. Now it is also available in versions of 123 and ABC with music to say Goodnight everyone. These are the best 5 apps available for your iPhone which you can install by purchasing or free downloading from iTunes.

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