Apple iTunes can possibly add Marketplace option for Users

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You must have heard or you might have bought digital data and iOS apps from itunes. No worries if you are bored of stuff you purchased on iTune, Apple might bring a new service at itunes which would be based on selling already owned products on a marketplace of iTunes. If you want to sell a movie you purchased on iTunes and did find any option, then here is the chance,  If such thing happens and rumors get into reality then many iTune users will be happy with this move.


According to different internet news sources, Apple has already filed a patent application for this type of Selling marketplace of already purchased and owned things from iTune. It would be for legally selling or loaning iTunes items to another person. If this marketplace comes online then it will make digital access rights transferable to another person. Once rights transfer, the new owner will get content .


Once the transfer completes, the person who received the items and becomes transferee, is allowed to access digital content. A portion of resale if happens ahead, may be given tot he maker of the digital content.


Amazon has already filed a patent  of same nature to launch the e-marketplace for increasing users engagement in buying and selling of digital goods. In Amazon’s possible e-marketplace seller would receive a credit for the item being sold ahead, while the buyer would get some discount on this.

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Apple iTunes marketplace option would add more taste and functionality to the Apple iTunes. It would also help Apple to gain more help in coping the challenges from different technology rivals who are continuously challenging Apple in different areas of technology products. Tablets and Smart phones are the areas where Apple has huge competition from other brands in the market like Samsung, HTC, Blackberry and Nokia.

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