Apple Camera App Gets Improved in iOS 8

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Apple new iOS 8

We saw Apple launching its new mobile operating systems for both mobile and desktop platforms at its annual WWDC event a few days back. Both of the operating systems are in their testing period and scheduled for the public release later this year. There’re lots of new features and improvements could be seen coming from Apple. Today, we’ll talk about Apple Camera app that has been revamped with new advanced features.

Apple’s new mobile operating system, the iOS 8 is now in developer’s hands for testing purposes so that they can contribute for the betterment of this new operating system. They’re supposed to find every glitch of iOS 8.

Let’s find what Apple brings new to its Camera app. Before we had to stick with the basic controls such as ISO boosting, HDR, Flash and other simple things. In order words, we can’t do anything new to our shots. But in iOS 8, it seems like we’ll be enjoying its camera app more than before.  It’ll add more extra features like aperture, ISO, shutter-speed control and many more.

Apple's new camera app featuresUsers will be having new additions such as timer and special controls for exposure and focus. Now, they get on-screen taps to control exposure and focus independently. The timer lets you set 3- or 10-second to take your perfect photo.

Another feature that grabs attention is ‘Time Lapse’ mode letting you create a video that’s a combination of different shots. You’ll need to swipe left to use the Time Lapse and then press Record button to capture the desired period. Once all the shots are captured, then these pics are arranged together and played at the higher frames. The iPad users will also get panorama mode that wasn’t in iOS 7.


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