5 Easy Steps for Evasion iPhone 5 Jailbreak

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Evasion is a utility released to jailbreak the apple’s devices with having latest IOS version 6 or 6.1. Apple recently has made a latest model of iPhone among its previous categories and gives it name iPhone 5. People use the tool of evasion iphone 5 jailbreak with the operating system of 6 because it is unable to work without updating the device on IOS 6. Evasion is used to jailbreak those devices which supports IOS 6 or 6.1 like iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and 4 S, 3GS and iPad of 2nd and 3rd generations and iPad mini along with iPod touch of 4th and 5th generation are eligible to use evasion tool.

It is not a difficult method to jailbreak an iPhone 5 with using evasion. It is the fast and error free tool for this purpose. After jailbreaking your device you become able to use your phone outside from the country and also it supports many other heavy applications which cannot possible without doing this. In this article you will review about the method to jailbreak iPhone 5 by using the evasion.

EvasioniPhone 5 jailbreakis an easy method if you have enough knowledge about it. You have to download the evasion by using the best source and before starting course your device should be upgraded on IOS 6 then you will able to continue the procedure.

iPhone Download

If you have decided to jailbreak your iPhone 5 then first you have to upgrade your mobile by downloading the latest version of IOS which is 6 and more than 6. If you already upgraded your device with 6 version then you can start the next step for that.If you are new user and don’t have any idea to download IOS version then get knowledge first about it and read further points to use this tool for jailbreak.

iCloudTake a backup of your iPhone before connecting your device to computer. That is necessary because it might possible that you lost your important data during the jailbreak process. You can use flash device or iCloud application to save it or copy it for next use.

Simple ProcedueRemove all pass codes from your device to protect yourself from issues and unlock your iPhone.Attach it with computer via Bluetooth or USB cable so that you can start jailbreak it.


Make new folder with name of “Pwnage” or download its app at desktop and use it to save the evasion file after downloading it.Many best links are available at internet to download this tool and you have to choose any one of these for download purpose.

Once it downloads then taps the icon at once and taps the run as administration to run the application.

4It will take some time to create data for jailbreak. When it will complete then reboot the device after that install cydia and its list of correspondence.

After completion it will give you the sign in shape of restarting the device and start programming on Cydia then the task of evasion iphone 5 jailbreakwas successfully done.

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