5 Best iOS Apps For iPad And iPhone This Week

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Are you ready for the best iOS apps this week for your iPad and iPhone? If so then you are going to enjoy some of the best iOS apps which we have assembled for your interest.

It includes games and apps which will really amaze you by its unique stuff. Here we are going to show you the best iOS apps for your iPads and iPhones.

The Classic Winnie the Pooh (Free)

5 Best iOS Apps For iPad And iPhone This WeekThe Milne’s genuine Winnie the pooh has been digitized for the iOS apps from the Egmont, comes with the comprehensive illustrations. One story is free but others you can buy from the app purchase. This app is compatible with the iPad and iPhone.

The BBC Weather (Free)

5 Best iOS Apps For iPad And iPhone This WeekThe official app of the BBC allows you to see the predictions about the weather for UK and automatically your current location or you can search for other locations. Besides sun/rain and temperature details, it offers humidity, visibility, pressure, pollen data and UV. This app is compatible with the iPhones.

Pause (Free)

5 Best iOS Apps For iPad And iPhone This WeekThe Pause is an iPhone app which feels you free when you want to switch your apps off. This amazing app allows you to switch on Airplane mode when you have a business talk with the real world. This is one of the best iOS apps ever seen.

The Diamond Street (Free)

The Diamond Street (Free)This enchanting app will allow you to know about the abroad as it provides a comprehensive tour guide. This is perfect for those who love traveling as it is going to help you with new attractive features. Compatible with the iPhones.

Dictonic (Free)

5 Best iOS Apps For iPad And iPhone This WeekDictonic is easy and simple but amazingly superb voice recording application that comes with more enchanting features and options. All you have to do is to take a pic, then record your desired audio and choose one of crazy voice altering effects and post it to Twitter and Facebook.

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