5 Best Applications for Kids

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Here are 5 best applications for kids are explained to help you in developing your child. If you are searching these such types of apps which will make your child active and good in learning points of view then stop searching and read this article to find out the best suits app for your baby or baba.

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You can download these apps on your device to entertain or to train your kid educationally. Here you will read about a Monkey which teaches your child so many things along with a theater containing a full ABC program for preschoolers to give their best performance in schooling and so on.

Monkey Preschools Lunch Box:

Suitable for 2 to 5 years kids

Price: $0.99

Monkey Preschools Lunch BoxOne of the coolest apps among 5 best applications for kids is Monkey game with very bright, loving and creative attributes. It is an ever best game for preschool kids to learn basic information and things through a beautiful monkey. It contains seven levels or steps which your kid will learn through this game about concepts of colors, shapes, matching, counting, letters, and size and to solve the puzzles of different things. This useful app will make your kid creative, sharp and intelligent because kids’ easily learn things with these attractive strategies.

Marble Math:

Suitable for 9 to 12 years kids

Price: $1.99

Marble MathIt belongs to education category and helps your child to learn math in different ways. It sharps the kid’s mind and gives opportunity to solve many problems related to diverse style by collecting numbers and create fun for children. Its colorful characteristics impress children alone and catch their attention to play it just like a game.

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ABC Theater:

Suitable for 2 to 6 years

Price: $2.99

ABC TheaterIt is an amazing app to learn whole alphabets from A to Z in order to write, read and to recognize by playing a pretty song along with animated puppets which make it more interesting for them. It enhances the motor ability of your kid in sense to play and to write alphabets.

War Horse:

Suitable for 9 to up

Price: $6.99

War HorseIt is based on education about the history behind the wars and available to watch live, about eighty minutes movie which teaches kid to keep survive in bad times with friendly relations. It is available in English language.

Know your USA:

Suitable for 7 to teen agers

Price: $0.99

Know your USAAmong 5 best applications for kids, know your USA is all about the geographical representation of USA, use it to give understanding to your child about the states, lakes, cities and whole places in USA. You can check the remembered places of your child by taking test from him.

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