3 Substitute Message Apps for iOS

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In today’s world messaging is a big need among people to make connections among each other which facilitates them to talk their loved ones. People do not prefer to make calls or to send emails; they simply use quick messaging to deliver their messages to others. Mobile phone’s best used app is message app that a person cannot be away even for a while, it becomes a great source to get knowledge about world and spread like a fire.

Although different sources are available for iOS users, but here we will describe 3 substitute message apps for iOS devices that will ease them to talk or send quick messages to others without paying any cost and any further requirements, just need to have a simple Wi-Fi connection to go over it.

WhatsApp messages service:

Price: $0.99

Available on iTunes

WhatsApp Messenger Download for iOSIt is a social networking application that makes it easy for apple users to message their family members and friends or related to business tasks. Users can set their own photo as a profile image that will show to others whenever you will send message. This app has five tabs to use and perform different functions like Favorites is the first one that saves you’re those contacts have the same app. A status bar is the second tab that view you about the status of your friends either they are available to chat or not and you can also send invitations to other WhattsApp users. Here is another tab that will continue your chat or to make a group chats for fun. In case of want to change something regarding this app clicks on to the setting tab and change settings of message font, blocking and unblocking users and etc.

Snapchat message app:


Available on iTunes

Download Snapchat message app for iOSOne of the nice app among 3 substitute message apps for iOS is this through that you can send live picture massage or MMS to your friends, more entertaining and fun loving to show your live state without giving any charge for that and no limit to send pictures, just install the app and take a picture. After that, go to the timer setting to set time from one to ten seconds then it will disappear. Although there is no way to save these pictures, but within the app you can save it on to the camera reel. To check the new picture messages click inbox folder of this app that will show you a list of new and old messages.

Kik Messenger app:


Available on iTunes

Download 3.	Kik Messenger appIt is related to social networking category as WhatsApp, in 3 substitute message apps for IOS, it is fast, simple and easy to use without thinking just type what you want to say and click the option to send the message. It is useful for them who have Wi-Fi access along with this app that if you are interested in send message to your friend Mickal, then he should have this app too otherwise he will not be able to see your notification. Once your friend read your text, a small capital “R” appears with your text. To send messages, it demands your personal data like email address, phone number, etc.

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