3 Must Have Shopping Apps for iPhone & iPad

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3 Must Have Shopping Apps for iPhone & iPad

Going for shopping in a Mall could be tiresome as it takes time and your energy. We’ve come with some top-class shopping apps for iPad and iPhone users.


3 Must Have Shopping Apps for iPhone & iPad

ShopSavvy is the best app for online shopping. With a rapid scan of barcode using your handset’s camera, you can go for price comparison which store is offering the best price rates for a same thing. ShopSavvy is a very helpful app especially when getting online stores to price match. This app also lets you see your historical pricing data when you think it is necessary. There’re also lots of social Built-In elements, comprising Facebook integration and commenting system where you may leave your tips on goods for the other ShopSavvy users, share wishlists, and add new friends.


3 Must Have Shopping Apps for iPhone & iPad

eBay is a granddaddy of selling things online. You will find some individuals and full blown stores selling mainstream and obscure items, a securely integrated platform for payment (PayPal), and a verified Karma system to give both sellers and buyers with confidence.This app is fully featured, comprising some filters in the search results for price, model, and buying format with barcode to identify the product.


3 Must Have Shopping Apps for iPhone & iPad

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers. With this app, you can browse lots of stuff comprising apps. It has all those sorting options and filters that you see in eBay app such as brand, price range and category. You can share them to the various channels,  add them to your wishlist and check out high quality imagery.


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