3 Must Have iOS Apps for your New iPad Mini or iPad Air

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Apps for iPad Air or iPad mini

You’ve got your new iPad Mini or iPad Air and just comes out of the wrapping paper. There’s lots of things growing in your mind: what should I do first on it, let’s check out what it contains and so on. It’s no more like a new home without furniture where you can feel the newness but can’t get lived unless you manage your home accessories which make it livable. So, the same is happening with your new iPad Mini or iPad Air which is almost nothing without some decent apps. Here we have come with 3 iOS apps that are supposed to be the perfect for your new iPad Air or iPad Mini.

How to Cook Everything

Make your cooking easy

People with a great instinct for cooking are going to take this application as a milestone in their lives. Oh My God! You’ve got all the recipes at your fingertips, that sounds awesome, isn’t it? The app comes in handy when someone gives you a task of cooking a particular recipe to check your cooking qualities. It lets the users understand the whole recipe in a detailed way that ensures your hand movements into a productive result. If you don’t want to touch your new device or don’t want to see oily touch on its screen then you can print the whole recipe. So get the attention of others by producing outclass dishes with the assistance of How to Cook Everything ($10) that turns you into a professional cook.

Real Racing 2 HD

Racing app for new iPad

As the human is nothing without a soul then an iPad is nothing without a game, jest. The Racing 2 HD ($7) comes with a master graphics and sound effects that turn your new iPad into a thrilling racing track where only passion is required. So, plunge into this passion and take pleasure in chasing sports cars. Really, that’s going to be a biggie one which you can do to your new iPad.

5 Stars Astronomy Guide

iOS Apps for new iPad

Planetary system really affects our lives, means our lives are depended on the exact synchronization of the planets and stars. If any of them goes wrong then our existence could turn into a final destruction. So , everyone seems very conscious on this topic and it should be. The 5 Stars Astronomy Guide will help you understand the nature & functions of stars in a funny way.


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