3 Fabulous iOS Apps June 2013

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3 Fabulous iOS Apps June 2013

The need to move with the time is very essential as it affects your personality. So if you are looking for some fabulous iOS apps then this article will provide you some interesting apps. Here we have compiled some of the best iOS apps for you. Enjoy with the new and innovative iOS apps if you have jaded with the previous ones.


3 Fabulous iOS Apps June 2013AltaMail got the first place in fabulous iOS apps as it includes unique options and features which will really help you with mailing. I think this is the best app for mailing in iOS devices as it is compatible with the iPad and iPhone. Using this amazing app you can move to ‘’Inbox zero’’ very swiftly because of its new and innovative features that have been kept in its new version. Another enhanced feature of the AltaMail is that you can create some custom folders where you can easily categorize your emails for later use.

Lytro Mobile

3 Fabulous iOS Apps June 2013If you are looking for a particular stuff that shares pic in an advanced way then LytroMobile is made for you as it attains some of the best sharing options that you always wanted to have. With this charming app you can upload your pics wirelessly from your camera to the Lytro.com, where it can be shared perfectly on Facebook, Twitter and other social amenities. One thing more about the Lytro Mobile is that you save your pics in an animated GIFs, to be shared by SMS or email.


3 Fabulous iOS Apps June 2013Everyone who gets up early in the morning or those who want to know about the daily weather conditions then no more waiting as this nifty iPad application resolves their problem. It’s not about the weather conditions but also contains some important news in the headlines. No  need to disturb your neck for reading the newspaper for so long. In other words, it is a modern newspaper containing all necessary news and information that you need to know.

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