3 Best iPhone & iPad Apps

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3 Best iPhone & iPad Apps

We’ve come with one of the best iPhone & iPad apps. It becomes more attractive when you know all of them are absolutely free of any cost. This a time to enjoy your iDevice with these nifty apps.

Coast by Opera (Free; iPad )

3 Best iPhone & iPad Apps

The Coast is a new app from the browser maker Opera, that says it is being designed from the ground up for the Apple’s tablet. Rather than being ‘just a mobile interface scaled up to fit the touch screen’. Based on the WebKit, it is big on stealing gestures over some buttons to navigate around.

Xbox Music (Free; iPhone)

3 Best iPhone & iPad Apps

It took some time, but the Microsoft has lastly launched a formal iOS app for the Xbox Music streaming/cloud music service. The subscribers can now stream music from  its catalogue, brwose their cloud collection and create playlists. What is missing for now is the capability to download your own choice songs for offline listening; that is slated for the upcoming update.

Where is My Water? 2 (Free; iPhone / iPad )

3 Best iPhone & iPad Apps

The Disney’s first where is My Water?  The game has been very famous, and has spawned spin offs starring Perry and Mickey Mouse from the Phineas and Freb. Now it is getting a fully fledged series with the original hero Swampy and some his friends Cranky and Allie. The Water based physics puzzles is the focus, though it’s switch to the freemium, comprising and energy bar, will be provocative.

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