Explore New Way How To Connect iPhone to the Apple TV

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Explore New Way How To Connect iPhone to the Apple TVThe users who want to pair their iPhone with the Apple TV using the Bluetooth have to do many things in order to get their goal efficaciously. Firstly, the both products must use the same Wi~Fi network. Secondly, they’ve to steer through menu showed on the gadget via the Apple TV infrared control. It’s a kind of complicated, isn’t it?

Explore New Way How To Connect iPhone to the Apple TV

Would not it be great if you might connect your iPhone to your Apple TV using the Bluetooth? I trust it is, and it seems like the iOS 7 will get it for real.

Connect your iPhone to your Apple TV via Bluetooth

According to the experts, the Apple is getting a different option to its software. The iOS 7 will not be available to the all iOS 6 product models but it’ll certainly make a lot of the customers happy. As the Benedict Evans describes on the Twitter account, it’ll be possible to tap on the iPhone or iPad in order to pair it to the Apple TV via Bluetooth setup.

This step seems nice. It’ll work on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad 3 and 4. The users with the iPhone 4 and the owners of iPad 2 will not be able to connect their Apple devices to the Apple TV over the Bluetooth as it seeped images suggest that iOS 7 option supports the Bluetooth 4.0 that isn’t present on the both models.

A Substitute to NFC?

Some sources trust that the Cupertino~based company is trying to present a new kind of solution as a substitute to the NFC. The system is more similar to the HFC but it does not use its hardware.

As the screenshot depicts, the users will have to unlock their eligibility iOS 7 iPhone or iPad, enable the Bluetooth and connect to the Apple though it. What do you reflect about such kind of automatic setup for the ATV devices?

Would you prefer to turn you your Apple gadget into the remote through remote application with greater ease?

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