Weekly Roundup: Lovely iPhone Cases

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Weekly Roundup: Lovely iPhone Cases

In this week of iPhone~case roundup, we bring a collection of some lovely iPhone cases that offers conclusive answer to the question, ‘’Where did I place my charger?’’ we have also got one that splits the heart in two, with the twinkling crystals to boot.


The attractive Alumor Jacket ($11) for iPhone 5 comes with a soft and cozy interior jacket enclosed in a sturdy exterior metal casing for a hard combination of the safety from both bumps and scratches.

Weekly Roundup: Lovely iPhone Cases

Available in blue, black, pink, mahogany, or aqua.


The Hardcover ($35) for iPhone 5 combines form, style and function in a case which safeguards your iPhone from scratches and bumps while hiding it in book~like package.

Weekly Roundup: Lovely iPhone Cases

Comes in a variety of patterns and colors, the sizzling case features a cozy elastic~strap closure which keeps everything safe during transport.

Element Case

The Ronin Bocote ($180) for iPhone 5 has been made from the South American solid wood of the same name, known  for its elegant look  and top class durability.

Weekly Roundup: Lovely iPhone Cases

The case’s wood enclosures are hand~fitted to a sequence of extremely polished aluminium crowns, that come in gunmetal grey, black, or silver.

Griffin Technology

The collection of MTV ($30 to $35; iPhone 4, 4S) comes with some unique designs inspired by iconic network which brought the whole world of music videos to our rooms.

Weekly Roundup: Lovely iPhone Cases

With nearly 2 dozen models and various cases to select from, the nifty collection has something for everyone. It comprises, of course, well~known MTV’s logo.

Lucien Elements

Though not for the faint of the heart ~ get it? ~The Together ($470 set of two; iPhone 5) comes with a pair of cases made to go together; each comes with half of a heart designed from the Swarovski crystals.

Weekly Roundup: Lovely iPhone Cases

The nifty cases, each of which sports an anti~glare flash ring and compact mirror, can also be laser~engraved to your requirements.


The PocketPlug ($70; iPhone 5) is the extreme answer to the query ‘’Where did I put my handset charger?” the case comes with a built~in charger with the prongs which collapse straight into the body of case, let you recharge your iPhone whenever you need.

Weekly Roundup: Lovely iPhone Cases

Moreover, the case also comes with a special kind of acoustic chamber which enlarges your handset’s sound volume.


The Groove ($35; iPhone 5) comes with a sturdy shell fused with the body made from the special shock~absorbent material to keep your iPhone secure during everyday use.

Weekly Roundup: Lovely iPhone Cases

The exterior casing, comes in blue, black, lavender, pink, white and burgundy, comprises a special pair of grooves created to give you a worry~free grip while still allowing the iPhone to still slide in and out of your pocket with great ease.


As far as the names~as~description go, the things do not get more conclusive than ‘’The Case’’ ($35; iPhone 4, 4S & 5), Slickwrap’s latest creation. Unlike company’s namesake protective~film skins, case combines a bumper~like case with those famous adhesive covers.

Weekly Roundup: Lovely iPhone Cases

The case comes in over ninety combinations of materials and colors; the latter include metal, wood, carbon fiber, and even  a glow~in~the~dark variant.


You can never be too secure, apparently, and that is why this company manufacturers produce eponymous Spraytact ($40; iPhone 4, 4S) that comes with a built~in pepper~spray dispenser.

Weekly Roundup: Lovely iPhone Cases

The case comes in white, blue, black, or pink, features a test cartridge, that can be used to have a feel fro the spray. Comprised in the box is a genuine pepper~spray cartridge, the discharge of which is secured by the several safety mechanisms to ignore ‘’accidental’’ release~which would  be an awesome way to get people to stop the photobombing of your family shots.


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