Trendy iPhone Cases – Happy Holidays

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New iPhone cases

Many of us like to wear new stuff on special events, but what about your handsets? Are they going to be deprived on these events? So, we bring some trendy iPhone cases to allow your phones to take part in this celebration.


The Melt Snow ($25; iPhone 5/5S) comes with a new clip-on look which lets you switch different melt implements. So you are in a position to enjoy different combinations of styles and colors.

Christmas iPhone cases

Available in gold/black, orange/black, black/black, gold/pink, green/purple, white/orange, white/red, or pink/aqua.


The iPlate (€20; iPhone 5/5C/5S) is an ultra thin case prepared from genuine polycarbonate that ensures extra protection without adding too much bulk to your iPhone.

Cool iPhone cases

The case is available in white, black, red, pink, green, blue, yellow, grey  or purple.

The Joy Factory

The New York ($30; iPhone 5/5S) allows you to accessorize and protect your iPhone at a same time. Genuine leather handle with soft silicone lining makes it a perfect pick for girls as they can enjoy iPhone wallet.

new collection of iPhone cases

The case comes in white with blue, pink, black, or teal highlights.


Stylish iPhone cases

The Cross Stitch ($26; iPhone 5C) is a 3D printed case that lets you see your own print on its back. It features an elegant pattern and design. So, enjoy your engraved print with a unique look.


iPhone screen protector

The NuGaurd KXS ($15; iPhone 5/5C/5S) puts 3 solid layers to your screen for great protection that sidesteps cruel bumps and scratches while you are on the  go. It’s a complete package saving your handset from all kinds of dangers.


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