Top 4 Backup Batteries for iPhone Users

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Backup batteries for iPhoneMany iPhone users would have experienced the sudden shutdown of their handsets due to the low battery life. No one would like to be the one whose phone gets down when he/she had to make an important call. Avoiding that nuisance, we bring some of the top backup batteries for iPhone users that power up their phones especially when they are on the go.

Anker Astro Series Pro2


The Anker Pro2 comes at the top of list and combines a huge 20000mAh backup storage, which is capable of charging an iPhone nine times. Coming with stylish and slim aluminum contour, the device features 4 smart LEDs to keep you posted with remaining battery.

Energizer XP4001


It is a little power house that offers your phone an extra-long life. The Energizer ($70) is compatible with all smartphones and tablets and can charge two devices at once. You just need to plug your device in and get it recharged instantly. It combines an LED light indicator that tells about charging status.

New Trent iCarrier

New Trend iCarrier

The company’s New Trent iCarrier combines a juice of 12000mAh to power up an iOS device for several times. Apart from iOS devices, this power bank works with all devices that can be recharged through USB or MicroUSB.

Eneloop Mobile Booster


If you are after an external battery with low price tag, then Sanyo’s Eneloop Mobile Booster ($79) could be your final choice. It features a 5000mAh battery capacity enclosed in a tiny body that can fit into your pocket easily.


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