Thunderbolt Dock Drive Supports Apple Devices

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Sonnet introduced a brand new Thunderbolt Dock Drive for DVD and Blu-Ray purposes to facilitate its users. It is also known with the name of 15 Thunderbolt and the best thing of this device is that it is compatible with all devices so you need not to worry about the compatibility issue of this Dock. No matter either you have an iPhone or PC because it supports every device like iPhone, iPad, Mac PC and others.

Thunderbolt Dock Drive for Apple DevicesIt is easy to connect with your system by simply attaching all in one thunderbolt cable with the system’s thunderbolt port and plug-in to provide electricity. Matrox DS1 is its first model which has faced many criticisms because it was not fully meet the requirements of the users. On the other side, the latest thunderbolt brings different uses to ease its users.

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Before it comes in market, Balkin starts taking pre orders for this device. Thunderbolt Dock Drive is available in two types one is with DVD and the other is with Blu-Ray, also the price tags are different. If you are interested to buy Dock with Blu-Ray then you have to pay 450 $ whereas 400 $ for the DVD Dock. Instead of these you need to buy a cable to make it in use with connecting devices. Hard drive built in facility is also available according to the consumer’s choices.

Specs of Thunderbolt Dock Drive:

Thunderbolt is a portable system, that provides you many options to use like it has 3.0 USB, eSATA and SATA, Firewire 800, 3.5 mm audio input along with same 3.5 mm audio output, Gigabit Ethernet and thunderbolt. Moreover, a DVD and Blu-Ray burner and reader with having SATA bay drive of “2.5 or 3.5” total 6 Gb/s. the fast 6 Gb SATA interface supports a hard drive disk and solid state drive. It is easy to use and can be changed its position according to space vertically or horizontally without facing any problem.

Thunderbolt Dock Drive for Apple DevicesNothing is required to make connections between computer and thunderbolt except a thunderbolt cable which is not available with this and you have to purchase by yourself.

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The best thing of this device is that the drive has inside the Eco dock to manage the storage space of it to the external hard drive and its power brick and cable clutter arrange more space to store things which fulfill your requirements to store. It also supports booting from an installed drive on your Mac that will allow you to repair data from troublesome drive in your computer. Overall you can say that thunderbolt Dock Drive is a device having extra features to resolve many issues of users.

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