The collection of iPhone Cases; Tossed

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The collection of iPhone Cases

In this week’s iPhone~case roundup, many of the choices are as much about seems as they are about safeguard, thanks to plenty of leather and luxurious touches to go around. So enjoy our new collection of iPhone cases this week.


The Cushion Wrap ($50) for iPhone 5 comes with the metallized frame coupled with the upholstered panes of soft silicone which enhance the grip and ~ unlike the ancient couch it seems like ~ resist stains.

The collection of iPhone Cases

The Cushion Wrap is available in red, black, orange, blue, green, purple, grey, or white.


The Flipit ($54) for iPhone is made from the comfortable leather and sports a project which entirely covers your handset while not in your use. Giving all~around protection in a lavish package.

The collection of iPhone Cases

Available in red/black, blue/grey, orange/black, or tan/purple.


The Bamboo ($79 to $120) for iPhone 5 is , as its name suggests, made from the bamboo wood, hand sanded, rubbed with the special kind of citrus oil for an awesome sheen and extra durability.

The collection of iPhone Cases

This nifty case sports an awesome environmental profile. It is available in a basic variant, or in particular models with a collection of patterns carved straight into the wood. And now you can design your own.


The SlimEdge ($25) for iPhone 5 gives awesome protection in a durable and thin hardshell that’s particularly designed to keep the corners and sides of your handset safe.

The collection of iPhone Cases

Comes in the red, purple, brown, grey, this even comes with a free screen protector.


The XD5 ($130) for iPhone 5 is the best way to alter your iPhone into a sports camera, thanks to a sturdy shell which gives 360~degree protection against some elements, along with the universal mount system which runs on many different surfaces.

The collection of iPhone Cases

Moreover, it is waterproof up to thirty three feet, the XD5 uses a particular kind of capacitive  material to let you continue using your iPhone even when it’s inside the case.


The Crave ($35) for iPhone 5 syndicates a classy, shock~absorbing material with the hard outer shell to make a package which gives protection from scratches and bumps.

The collection of iPhone Cases

Available in red/black, black, green/white, purple/white, or just basic white.


The Fold Wallet ($60) for iPhone 5 is crafted from the Italian, vegetable~tanned leather and gives plenty of room to transmit your iPhone alongside up to 5 plastic cards or some proper or cash documents.

The collection of iPhone Cases

Available in brown or black.


The Grip Hardshell ($70) for iPhone 5 comes with a textured~leather outer with an embossed Caterina interior. A custom~molded camera eyelet aids you to capture great photos.

The collection of iPhone Cases

Available in red, black, grey, brown, white, and blue.


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