Supportive iPhone Cases This Summer

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Supportive iPhone Cases this summer

In this collection of some supportive iPhone cases, you will find a case which keeps small tykes occupied
( & handset safe), the assortment of such iPhone cases designed to astonish your fashion sense, and a genuine, well, suit of the armor inspired by the Marvel’s own playboy superhero.


The amazing Awesimals for iPhone 4 and 4S ($25) is designed for little ones, with the bright colors and an awesome design meant to be liked alongside a dedicated application that lets said the little ones have fun with their- well, your –device.

Supportive iPhone Cases this summer

It comes in 8 different hues, the case is made with the sturdiness in mind, and it can be operated as a viewing stand in the landscape orientation.


The Mark XLII for iPhone 5 ($49) comes with the dashing look of the Marvel’s Iron Man to your phone, and with a white LED reflector which simulates superhero’s trademark arc reactor.

Supportive iPhone Cases this summer

It is available alongside the Mark VII for iPhone 5 ($49), the Mark XLII will be on shipping in the September, but you can preorder this nifty case now.


The Freedom 2000 for iPhone 5 ($80) protects your iPhone from the vagaries of daily life while it recharges your iPhone with a built~in battery which enlarges the iPhone’s battery life.

Supportive iPhone Cases this summer

Available in black or silver, the case gives a one-piece construction that comprises a built~in charging cable. The case snaps off and on easily without the need for the disassembly.

Pprwrk Studio

The Chipster for iPhone 5 ($25) is made completely from recycled chipboard. The case gives a tight fit for your handset and saves it from the everyday accidents with an eye toward the environmental consciousness.

Supportive iPhone Cases this summer

Available in natural brown or gray, and it also comprises a pull~out tab with the room for some cash and cards.


As its name advocates, the Wood for iPhone 5 ($38) is made from a sturdy piece of real~wood veneer inlayed in the satin~polycarbonate bumper for a blend of the modern and traditional looks.

Supportive iPhone Cases this summer

The case is available in a wide collection of woods, comprising bamboo, ebony, walnut, and zebra wood, and with black or white bumpers.


The Mara collection for iPhone 5 (£95), a sleeve prepared to snugly fit your iPhone  and safeguard it even in the most complicated fashion~conscious situations.

Supportive iPhone Cases this summer

This Mara collection of supportive iPhone cases is made from printed calf leather and comes with a pull~tab ejection method that lets you get on your handset swiftly when you need it.


The Tones for iPhone 5 ($25) comprises rigid polycarbonate and soft rubber to give both safeguard from scratches and bumps and an awesome feel when you take it in your hand.

Supportive iPhone Cases this summer

Available in white, black, purple, military green, aqua or pink.


The DX for iPhone 5 ($80) guards and charges your handset with an internal power supply which enhances the your handset’s battery life.

Supportive iPhone Cases this summer

It comes in red, black, white, the DX comes with an LED battery indicator, and you can recharged your handset using the included cable.


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