Sensational iPhone Cases This Week

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Sensational iPhone Cases This Week

With the declaration of new upcoming iPhone seemingly less than a week away, we are sure to see an avalanche of new cases very soon now. However, we are not sitting idle; this week brings some sensational iPhone cases with the plenty of function, fashion, and protection to keep you in touch while you wait.

Urban Armor

The Aero ($35; iPhone 5) comes with an industrial look and covers your iPhone with the additional protection from all sides.

Sensational iPhone Cases This Week

The case comes in the blue, although the same model is now available, with some different names, in white, orange, military green, pink or black. All versions include a set of extra large button that help you to prevent dust and water.


The Outer Edge ($30; iPhone) is a two tone bumper especially designed to keep your handset safe and sound from falls and bumps.

Sensational iPhone Cases This Week

This nifty case comes in black, blue, pink, white, or red.


Sensational iPhone Cases This Week

The Surf Sound Play ($72; all iPhone models) is a waterproof case which comes with a built in speaker. Just plug in your iPhone, shut the lid and you enjoy amplified sound in a case that keeps the sand and water away from your iPhone.

Outpost Labs

The Remora ($20; iPhone 5) comes with an incredibly slim design which covers two corners of your iPhone, yet it gives enough room to carry two plastic cards.

Sensational iPhone Cases This Week

Comes in white, blue, black, aqua, red, or pink, also sports a glare free camera that takes great photos.

Dolce and Gabbana

If you are looking for a case which costs more than your handset, you are in luck! The Italian fashion firm Dolce and Gabbana’s chain strap wallet ($650; iPhone 5) is made from the black leather with a crocodile embossed exterior motif in bronze or silver.

Sensational iPhone Cases This Week

The case includes a handy wallet, that you can use to stash your credit cards, cash and ID.


The Wallet ($70; iPhone 5) is a handcrafted case, made in the San Francisco from high quality leather. The case comes with a custom molded tray made to fit your handset, and a camera hole that lets you take pictures without any problem.

Sensational iPhone Cases This Week

The case comes in natural leather or black, also features three interior pockets, awesome for holding some bank cards, ID, and cash.


The Corner4 (iPhone 4, 4S & 5) gets the concept of minimalist design. It features four corner attachments which elevate your iPhone up off some flat surfaces, protecting the back plate and screen from bumps and scratches.

Sensational iPhone Cases This Week

The nifty case comes with a collection of styles, comprising silver satin, purple, gold, silver matte and black.


The Power Plus Mount ($70; iPhone 4 & 4S) is made to attach to your motorcycle’s handlebars, using a heavy duty mount to secure your handset with a case that is resistant to snow, rain, dirt and dust.

Sensational iPhone Cases This Week

The case also sports a 1100mAh battery to enhance your iPhone’s longevity.


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