Security Case Bundle for iPad 2 & 4

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Security Case Bundle for iPad 2 & 4

Everyone loves to spend less and get more, that’s what you’re going to see in the latest security case bundle made for iPad 2 & 4, not for 1 and 3. It’s a time for your iPad especially iPad 2 & 4, put your device into the safe hands of this security bundle.

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The first part of this security case bundle is very hard but transparent as it has been made from clear plastic making protection bundle nifty for you. Since there isn’t any security slot in your iPad, but this case has one Built-In.

The installation process is so simple that it could be carried out by your kids, just need to fasten one end of the cable to your device while the other one to a fixed object. Once the cable and case are locked together tightly, it would be difficult for anyone to detach your device from this security case bundle.

Security Case Bundle for iPad 2 & 4

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This isn’t going to add too much bulk to your device, no need to fuss that how will your device look after wearing this security case bundle, it’ll make your device more elegant than before.

Price: $59.95

Security Case Bundle for iPad 2 & 4

This isn’t an end here, you’ve a chance to save up to 10% of the whole amount. Don’t let it go to the trash.


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