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Apple has recently launched a tiny device to extend WI-Fi connection at home or at the office.  Are you facing problems in getting proper internet Wi-Fi connections and you have to wait to open files then stop being irritated anymore because Apple introduced an Airport Express Amped wireless WI-Fi range extender device to resolve your weak connectivity issue.

Use of Amped wireless REC 10Here we will discuss all matters related to it that will help you to take decision about its purchasing. It is available in the market to purchase in about 79.99 $ but will be effective to use tension free internet.

Look and Design:

Amped wireless Wi-Fi  DesignLet’s talk about its outer look and you will see that it has small size that can easily adjustable and can plug into the socket. The new model of Amped wireless Wi-Fi range extender REC 10 is available in white color with a total weight of 3.7 ounces and size would be 4 by 2.5 inches.

How REC10 Works:

How REC10 WorksWhen you decide to use this device then you will have a question in mind that how it work and what is its specialty? Look! It has the capacity to repeat the signals of your previously available signals in router and increase the network range of 802.11 b/g/n. It contains two amplifiers of 600 MW that make connections with 2 dBi antenna and can extend the WI-Fi connections up to 6,500 square feet.

Use of Amped wireless REC 10:

Amped Wireless Wi-Fi Range ExtenderIf you have an Amped wireless REC 10 and conscious to use it then do not feel troubled because one of its advantages is that it is easy to use and easy to plug in a wall socket. After plugging it turns your iDevice on this network connection then it will ask you about security codes and network name if you have interest to make this then complete this process and you will successfully arrange a setup of this Wireless network connection.  It will double your prior SSID and enhance the speed of signals.

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If you are at one corner of your house where it seems difficult for you to find strong network connections and you cannot able to use internet, you must use Amped wireless Wi-Fi range extender REC 10. It will make it possible for you to use internet at any place of your home or office and will provide you strong Wi-Fi connections by doubling the speed of your prior router’s signals.

It boosts the speed and encourages people to work more efficiently. The basic need for this device is that you have to place it at proper area where it can send signals to you without having any hurdle; otherwise you cannot be able to have its proper signals, so you have to choose a proper place to see its good results.

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