Pad & Quill Brings Graduate Version for iPad Mini

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Pad & Quill Brings Graduate Version for iPad MiniPad & Quill brings another awesome bookish case for the iPad mini for those who were looking for that kind of case for their iPad mini. The graduate edition is made to give a comprehensive bookish look to the iPad mini.

If you want to see your iPad mini in a book style case then the Pad & Quill’s graduate version is made for you so that you can disguise iPad mini as a book. You may find a lot of bookish style iPad mini cases but they are not as comfortable as the graduate version of the Pad & Quill as it fits your iPad mini in a more creative way that one can find any error related to its safety or its design.

Pad & Quill Brings Graduate Version for iPad MiniThe $55 graduate version has  been made from the sturdy material that will definitely amaze you  by its beauty and dashing look that you can not find in any other book style case. The interior of the case has been created from the wood which is covered by a cloth to throw a very elegant look.

Pad & Quill Brings Graduate Version for iPad MiniPad & Quill’s graduate version comes in multi color like slate gray, cayenne red, praline cream, navy blue and plum purple. Its design is so unique that it has been to present a bookish look along with a elastic band to keep it safe from the front side. Rubber strips have been attached on each side of the corner so that your device won’t get any kind of scratches or damages. Appropriate cutouts have been made for the external ports like headphone, speakers etc.

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