New Year with New iPhone Case

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 new year with new iPhone case

Some people have a particular craze as they want to have new things at new year, they give different opinions defending their habit. So now, we are giving them a chance to renew their iPhones. Which one is your favorite?


The iVisor Glass ($35; iPhone 5/5S) is a shock-resistant and bubble-free glass protector specially designed to protect your handset from cruel shocks and scratches. Amazingly, the company claims one year warranty for all kinds of damages.

iPhone cases for new year

Comes with white or black border.


The Stripped ($35: iPhone 5/5S) comes with natural materials kept in a clear case which is prepared from a special resin that offers exclusive look & feel.

iPhone cases for new year

The case is now available in 5 different colours with aboard material: maidenhair, gold flakes, seaweed, silver sequins, or tan leaf.


new year iPhone cases

The Stash ($35: iPhone 5) is a two piece case made to stash up to 3 credit cards in the back pocket. The attractive case comes in red, pink, black, or purple.


 new iPhone case with new style

The Arcus (£79: iPhone 5/5S) is designed for the cruel conditions that can happen during the daily use. The dustproof and waterproof design offers extra protection against scratches and shocks. Available in aqua, black, olive green or grey.

The Joy Factory

The Royce ($25; iPhone 5/5S) is prepared from genuine leather folded around a solid shell which ensures protection against bumps and scratches during regular use.

new year with new iPhone cases

A complimentary screen protector is provided aboard. The package becomes more nifty when a water-resistant carrier makes its presence with this case. Comes in bronze, black, silver, navy, or pink.


pick your iPhone case

The thinnest CrossWay ($30; iPhone 5/5S) features a bumber-like webbing at its back side giving enough room for your belongings. Finaly, you got a solution for cash, ID and credit cards. Available in grey/black, red/black, pink/white, or grey/white.

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