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New iPhone casesWe always bring you the best stuff for your handsets in order to give you an idea of what trends are being followed around the corner. With lots of new designs, we have come up with a new slew of iPhone cases that could help you find your favorite one.


Tracy for iPhone 5, 5S

The company’s Tracy ($30 to $35; iPhone 5/5S) is a stylish case that combines a semi-flexible shell featuring glossy finish with complete button protection. Available in 5 different designs with a range of motifs.

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Sport Armband

If you can’t keep an eye on your handset all the time, then Sport Armband ($2; iPhone 5/5S) has covered you by allowing to you affix your iPhone to your wrist like a watch. It is one of the inexpensive cases you will ever find. The case comes in black and combines an easy opening that you don’t need to remove it from your handset while inserting earphones.



The company’s Julie Dodsworth range (£40; iPhone 5/5S) comprises a number of nifty cases crafted by a renowned British artisan. The walled-like case combines a pocked for stashing cash or cards, avoiding the need of keeping wallet. Available in 3 Three enchanting floral motifs.

Pelican Pro Gear

Black Voyager

The Black Voyager ($50; iPhone 5/5S) features an industrial-strength chassis that provides a firm grip. The case protects your handset from scratches and bumps during the daily vagaries of life. Available in white, pink, or white.

Trina Turk


The company’s Echo ($40; iPhone 5/5S) flaunts a Dual-layer construction featuring a shock-free inner liner and a sturdy outer layer for a solid protection. Coming with 4 different motifs, the case is available in white, black and blue.


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