New Range of iPhone Cases – Give a New look to your Handset

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What about having a new case for your handset? It’s been a long time since you changed, no fuss we bring you the latest range of iPhone cases that helps you find your favorite one.


Trygger for iPhone 5, 5SThe company’s Trygger ($50; iPhone 5/5S) takes good care of your iPhone during daily vagaries of life as it offers a sturdy construction. The case comes in black and combines a filter that enhances the picture quality by reducing glare, reflection and haze.


Tech21 for iPhone 5,5SThe Impact Mesh ($35; iPhone 5/5S) is a minimalistic design that gives a unique look to your handset. It’s engineered to provide a solid protection against scratches and bumps. Available in pink, black and blue colors.


Gresso for iPhone 5,5S

If you are after some expensive cases, then Gresso’s Monaco M2 ($1,000; iPhone 5/5S) comes at the top of the list. It is made from pure black leather enclosed in a titanium chassis offering a stunning look. It offers a new and exclusive opening mechanism for a safe and smooth using experience.


Corners4 for iPhone 5,5S

The company’s Corners4 ($40; iPhone 5/5S) joins four corners keeping the handset safe from scratches and bumps. The case is made from genuine aluminium and available in silver, black, pink, gold, red, or satin.


Ballistic for iPhone 5,5SThe Hard Core ($60; iPhone 5/5S) offers a solid protection as it can bear all kinds of shocks at the height of 12 feet. It comes with a complimentary screen protector and is available in black/red, black/pink and all black.


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