New Range of Handy iPhone cases for a Better Look

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new collection of iPhone cases

It makes you bore staying with same ordinary things, it’s time to think about a new iPhone case that’ll resurrect your handset’s look. Our new range of handy iPhone cases contains all that every user wish to have. The collection got covered you if you’re looking for protection and sophisticated look as well.


A sophisticated iPhone caseThe Rapt ($25; iPhone 5/5S) is made from soft rubber and hard polycarbonate to let you have a unique design with solid protection from scratches and bumps. The case comes in pink/fuchsia, blue/light blue or black/grey.


Colour iPhone case with the choice of 3 words

The Night Cover (€16; iPhone 5C) offers an excellent grip while handling. The silicone shell provides great protection, making it a decent choice from all angles. Available in red, green, yellow, or blue with three bold words on its back.


one of the catchy iPhone cases for you

The company’s OtterBox ($40; iPhone 5C) is a two-layer case that keeps your handset safe from the vagaries of daily use. It includes a complimentary screen protector that avoids dust and other harmful elements from your iPhone’s display. Available in green, white, black, aqua, blue, yellow, or gray. You can set your own colour combination for outer and inner shell.


New case for your handsetThe Nuguard KX ($50; iPhone 5C) comes with an orbiting-gel technology and offers superb protection with complete focus for sensitive areas of your handset. The case comes in blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, or red.


Perfect case for gaming experience

The company’s Powershell ($100; iPhone 5/5S) is designed for game enthusiasts to get more action out of your phone. The responsive controls allow you to have a great gaming experience. The device is backed by a 1500mAh battery. It offers a limited warranty of 3 years. Other features include a headphone extension and charging cable.


A case with on-board battery

The Leaf ($120; iPhone 5/5S) offers two handy cases in one package; one of them doubles your phone’s battery life with the assistance of 2400mAh battery. Available in white or black and comes with a removable design.


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