New iPad Lock Arm Enhances Security

| November 12, 2013 | 2 Comments

New iPad Lock Arm Enhances Security

It’s time for a new iPad lock arm best for iPad 2,3, 4 and iPad Mini. It combines all the benefits what you want to see in an iPad lock. It becomes more attractive when the flexible swing arm come into play. Perfect for corporate, healthcare, and education environments.

New iPad Lock Arm Enhances Security

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The iPad Space Mount secures your iPad and iPad Mini from being stolen or smashed giving a hand like a mother. It reduces all the possible theft attempts making thief disappointed. All 3G radio, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi frequencies are completely uninterrupted by this iPad lock arm.

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  • High-grade aluminum
  • Can be fixed 10.75’’ off the wall
  • Compatible with the iPad 2,3,4 & iPad Mini
  • Enjoy portrait or landscape orientation
  • Great for the corners & under cabinets
  • Simple installation
  • Comprises padding for extra protection
  • Pan, Tilt, and Swing movement
  • Can be accessed with any cable lock using built-in security slot
  • Can be worked while charging

Price: $159.99

New iPad Lock Arm Enhances Security

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