New iOS Accessories – Place Your iOS Device in Safe Hands

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New batch of iPhone accessories 2014

Our roundup of new iOS accessories contains all that you need while handling your iPhone or iPad to a fixed place, it could be at home, in the car or on a wall. Moreover, one of them helps you charge your iOS device with ease.

Henge Docks

Henge Docks, charge your handset with easeWith full metal construction, the Gravitas dock ($89) lets you charge your iPhone or iPad, which isn’t going anywhere thanks to the heavy metal chassis. It is not as heavy as you think, but enough for giving a solid support for your device. It comes with a USB port for syncing and charging.


Hypercel a product of Steelie

The multiple range of Steelie iOS mounts allows you to choose your own one without thinking too much. Each product employs top aluminum construction and revolving joints that come handy when you want to set different positions.

IK Multimedia

Iklip 2 allows a good viewing experience

The iKlip 2 ($40) is an improved version that makes iPhone or iPad more cozy for the musicians. It allows perfect viewing experience when you’re reading music on the iPad. The upgradation of iKlip has been ended to make it perfect for iPad Air.


Kenu a mount for your handsetThe Kenu Airframe ($25) can be used either as a mount or an iPhone stand. The product is perfect for hands-free use, you can get best out of it by watching your favorite movie or enjoying the sound. So, take count on it and deck your car with Kenu Airframe.


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