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Fascinating iOS Accessories this Week

If you’re getting bored with your handset and think there’s nothing left interesting, then our new roundup of iOS accessories might help resurrect your relation with your device. Some of them are really worth seeing, let’s have a peek at them.



The Swing N Clik ($100) is something only golf lovers could know its worth. It is a whole package that tells them how they can improve their game. It includes a tablet mount, a tripod, an iPhone mount and a Bluetooth remote Click-IT. Users control the camera via this remote when they are about to hit the ball. You can place your pre-order as it’ll start shipping in the month of September.



Have any party to jazz up with your pals? The DJ Connect ($100) allows you to pre-cue (pre-listen) music on your iOS device. It also works fine on the Mac running OS X 10.6 or later. The device packs a 30-pin dock connector cable, Lightning connector cable and a USB wire for previewing Djay app on the Mac.


All-Terrain Sound

If you’re interested in keeping unique things around that may leave a grin on anyone’s face, then All-Terrain Sound ($80) might grab your interest. It’s a Bluetooth speaker in the form a small tire designed to give you a great listening experience while you’re on the go.



The Superdock ($35) is a power station where you get your device fully charged. Could be used as a stand when not in use. It features a 5ft long USB cable and employs a Lightning-connector plug. Perfect for office environment where you need to keep an eye on all of your belongings.


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