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With every passing moment, we are getting closer to the innovations that help us do more new things with our handsets, which were never assumed before. Here’re some new iOS accessories that include some stuff that’ll really amaze you. Let’s have a look at them.


AR.Drone 2.0 takes you beyond the limitsIt does exactly what its name suggests but in a more new ways. The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition Quadrocoptor ($370) is an amazing fun to do on your handsets. This little guy takes off for you to get aerial views, thanks to the HD camera and FreeFlight app. Surprisingly, it can make sure a flight of 36 minutes on a single charge. The maximum height from where it can be controlled through your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone is about 164 feet above from your position. It can also bear a wind speed of up to 15mph.

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Compass a new way of viewing your tablet

The Compass 2 ($40) is made from heavy steel that has a capability of holding any kind of tablet. It lets you enjoy both landscape and portrait orientations. Comes in three different colours with the addition of a travel sleeve which makes your journey cozy.


Moonstone a massive backup for your handsetThe Moonstone ($30) is a little powerhouse that includes a 6000mAh battery, enough juice to recharge your iPhone 5 up to three times. Easy to carry as it fits into your pocket, wallet or any bag. Available in 6 different colours.


Hisy a new way of getting selfies

The Hisy ($25) is what all of us would really want to have. Get your perfect selfies remotely. It can be controlled from your iPhone using Bluetooth with a range of up to 90 feet. It works with a Built-in Camera app. The device’s battery can last up to 2 years, and can take up to 100 shots each day.

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