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When we do simple ordinary things in a new way, that feels like you’ve done something new, instead it’s the same one you used to do before. Anyhow, our roundup of new iOS accessories will do the same job to your iOS device with new stuff. You’ll meet with new ideas including chargers, speakers and more.


A Funny way of charging

The Power Tap ($34) looks weird as we keep our handsets away from that sort of thing in regular life. You shouldn’t be worried about it, there’s no harm to bring your iOS device close to it. It’s a charger that wonders many because of its design.


Multiple functions in one thing

The TogoPower Boost Keychain ($40) comes handy when your handset alerts you with ‘Low Battery’ especially when you’re on the go. So, what to do now? This useful tool helps your phone to last 90 minutes when you plug it in your handset. Plus, it can carry your keys easily.


Enjoy your party with Grain a wireless speaker system

The Grain ($250) is a portable Bluetooth speaker that looks great in a woody sort of exterior. It supports a playback of 8hrs on a single charge. If you think, there’s something heavy out there, then you’re wrong on your count, it weighs only 2.5 pounds.


Wireless wrist watch speaker

The Wireless Speaker Band ($50) might feel you a fancy wrist watch. Oh! It’s a speaker dude. The little cute toy fits perfectly on your wrist as nobody can’t find anything except a jewelry-related stuff. Enjoy a playback of 6Hrs on a single charge. Available in six different colours. But, it isn’t the right to buy it as it won’t be available before the April. So, you can pre-order it.


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