New iOS Accessories For Christmas 2013

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New iOS Accessories For Christmas 2013

You are having problem with choosing Christmas gifts for someone? But you don’t need to get worried about it as we’ve come with new iOS accessories that can be treated as a gift for this Christmas.


New iOS Accessories For Christmas 2013

The X-Presenter ($30) is a laser pointer which plugs into your handset’s jack, designed for making group presentations. It works with the collaboration of X-Presenter smart app or with a keynote or PowerPoint. The 1.6-inch long device can easily slip into your pocket when your presentation is over.


New iOS Accessories For Christmas 2013

The Shockwave ($69) Bluetooth Speaker can run up to 7Hrs on a single charge because of its Lithium-ion battery. It can stream movies or tunes wirelessly, and also can be treated like a speakerphone. It comes with a 3.5mm audio cable, a power adapter, and a Micro-USB.


New iOS Accessories For Christmas 2013

The TSX-B72 ($200) seems like an old school clock radio. But it has Bluetooth connectivity to play your favorite music from your iPad or iPhone. It includes FM/AM radio  and USB charging port located on the top section.

Cooler Master

New iOS Accessories For Christmas 2013

The JAS mini ($30) is an aluminum stand designed to back your iPhone or iPad mini. The adjustable screen heigh lets you use your tablet or phone with comfortable hands free fashion. The extra resistance comes with an anti-slip rubber that ensures solid grip on your device.


New iOS Accessories For Christmas 2013

The Python slimpack ($150) is made for photography loving iPad users. According to the company, the bag features 2 DSLRs, 4 mid-sized lenses, tripod, and one large zoom lens. A rubberized material strengthens the bag making it more sturdy for devastating trips.


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