New iOS Accessories Bring The More Convenience For You

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new iOS accessories have come

This weak more new iOS accessories are going to come instead have come making you more modern to touch, hear and see your iPad and iPhone. Now, you can use your Apple devices with more enhanced power options.


new iOS accessories arrived

New iOS accessories include ‘’BlueLounge’’ for the convenience of the people to charge their iPhone 5 or 5th generation iPad. BlueLounge has made it easy to charge your Apple’s devices with more innovative way. There is a MiniDock that is available in a lightning-connector style. It is just about $40 worth. It connects to the minute iPhone charger, giving you compact and convenient charging dock which sits homely by the wall-no cable clutters here. It will set your arrangement cable free giving you nice environment.

Carson Optical

new iOS accessories have arrivedOne of the best thing that the new iOS accessories include is ‘’ Carson Optical’’ to increase the functions of the camera. The $19 LensMag is basically a pair of the magnifying lenses for the camera of iPhone 5. Both lenses have strong magnifying power like one is 10x & other is 15x. You can attach these lenses to your phone by a magnet. It will help you to make the pics from far places.

Digital Treasures

new iOS accessories have arrivedThe $110 props power & the keyboard case for the iPad gives a Bluetooth keyboard with the powerful battery (8000-mAh) that your tablet can be charged  by it.


new iOS accessories have arrivedThe $400 KMC 3 Wireless Music System comes with the big 2.1 channel sound. The subwoofer is built in with dual 2-inch drivers and the 130 watts of power. Now, you can enjoy the music inside and outside of your home without having the nuisance of messes of wires.

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