New Host of iPhone Cases – Time to Get A New One

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New host of iPhone cases

What about having a new case for your handset? Here we’ve compiled a new host of iPhone cases that brings you some new ideas of making your handset more elegant. Let’s have a peek at them.


Paladin a new case for your iPhone

The company’s Paladin ($49; iPhone 5/5S) provides extra protection from scratches and bumps while you’re on the go. It features an onboard screen protector to make sure nothing is going to harm your handset’s display. The handy case comes in different colors and styles that offers great grip.


OtterBox for iPhone 5C

The Commuter Series ($40; iPhone 5C) is smart and elegant looking case that gives sturdy protection. It also incorporates a self-cohering screen protector that sidesteps all unwanted things from your iPhone. Available in green, black, aqua, white, yellow, or grey.

Element Case

Ronin G10 Sleath

The company’s new addition to its inventory, the Ronin G10 Stealth ($190; iPhone 5/5S) is engineered from top-class aluminium and models a matte black finish for decent look. It also combines a free zippered pouch to stash different things.


BSC for iPhone 5,5S

The BSC ($30; iPhone 5/5S) is prepared from shock-repellent polycarbonate and incorporates a one-piece contour which makes the things easy for users during regular use. It joins a kickstand for easy that gives a great watching experience. Available in violet, yellow, blue, white, blue or green.

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