New Host of iPad Cases This Easter

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Easter is approaching near and you got lots of things to do right? We aren’t here to assist your whole planning for the holy festival but will bring you a new range of iPad cases. So, which one is going to grab your interest?

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Clavin for iPad mni

The Company’s Clavin ($75; iPad mini) is engineered to offer an envelope-like look featuring embossed pattern and a stud closure. The case is available in black or tan as these are the colors that always stand for elegance.


Cooper Kai 360 for iPad Air

The Cooper Kai 360 ($50; iPad Air) combines a Bluetooth keyboard allowing the users to have great typing experience while they are on the go. It offers a multiple angles positions for easy viewing. Available in pink, blue, black, or silver.


Ice Leopard

The Ice Leopard ($60; iPad 2/3/4/iPad mini) takes good care of your iPad in a sophisticated design. Coming with leopard finish, the case incorporates a one-piece shell that gives a solid protection against scratches and bumps.


Gallery for iPad mini

If you are after a case that can holds all of your accessories, then Gallery ($50; iPad mini) is a right thing that you were looking for. It gives enough room to stash your belongings like smartphone, tablet and other useful accessories. Moreover, the waist bag combines a water-repellent finish meaning you don’t need to get concerned about weather conditions when you’re having outdoor party.


BukCase Originals for iPad mini

The company’s BukCase Originals (£35; iPad mini) gives a bookish look to your table. It also combines a birch frame that keeps your tablet safe from the daily vagaries of life. Available in grey, blue and red.


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