New collection of iPhone Cases For You

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With the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S on the way, cases for these new iPhones are pouring in from almost all sides of the globe. We have got all new information, from Fanciful to the comfortable, and from modern to classic, in our new collection of iPhone cases.


The Leather Folio ($60; iPhone 5, and iPhone 5S) is built from original full grain leather for the maximum luxury. It comes with a non conductive metallized frame which wraps around your iPhone and protects it in a decent way.

New collection of iPhone Cases For You

Available in pewter along with silver fame, or gold frame with a white.


The brand new Endless (€54; iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5C, and 5S) is precision handcrafted from the titanium backbone and a special kind of material, called ‘’Alcantara’’ that is typically used to fill the interior of luxury cars.

New collection of iPhone Cases For You

Available in different colors, orange, yellow, green, red, blue, brown, grey, black and burgundy.

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The Reveal ($20; iPhone 5C) is an ultra thin hardshell case made from the polycarbonate, with a rubberized edge for the solid protection from the vagaries of daily life.

New collection of iPhone Cases For You

Available in pink or blue.


The Echo ($35; iPhone 5 & 5S) sports a very dashing, white polka dot pattern over the black background. The design of this nifty case is complemented by the red accents across the series of cutouts which confirm you can access your iPhone’s buttons, ports, and camera.

New collection of iPhone Cases For You

This nifty case is made from silicone lining, with the hard outer shell to give a balance between the scratch protection and shock absorption.


The iWood (€79; iPhone 5 & 5S) is a hand made from a sturdy piece of wood, with a high gloss finish and a form fitting shape. The care embraces the industrial beauty of your iPhone with the natural tones of lumber.

New collection of iPhone Cases For You

Comes in walnut, cherry, oak, maple, padouk, or mahogany.


The SnapShield line ($18; iPhone 5 and 5s) has got 2 new models that’s sporting very beautiful zig zag motif which is available in pink or blue over black.

New collection of iPhone Cases For You

The case gives awesome protection and uses a very lightweight stuff that wraps around your iPhone without putting too much bulk.


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