New Bunch of iPad Cases – A New Collection to Pick From

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It’s a bit late from last time, but it is better to come late than never. However, we somehow manage to bring you the latest iPad cases that might make you feel like having a brand-new device. From durability to elegance, you’ll find diversity in our new roundup of iPad cases. Let’s find which is more appropriate for your handset.


Fintie a decent companion for your iPad

The 360 degree ($30; iPad 2, 3 & 4) is prepared from top-class synthetic leather and comes with a sophisticated design that can be treated like a viewing stand in the landscape orientation. It’s also compatible with your iPad’s Magnetic Sleep/Wake mode and available in wide range of pattern combinations and colors.


Nice pick for your tablet

DodoCase takes good care of your tablet as it brings you a Durable Sleeve that holds your tablet into safe hands. So, forget all about your tablet while working on a kitchen or anywhere that contains inappropriate environment for your device. Available in sage, midnight, navy and natural canvas.


Crux360 multimode accessory for iPad Air

If you have been in a desire to get easy typing on your tablet, then the Crux360 ($99; iPad Air) is a unique case that offers a Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with white and black color scheme. The new accessory claims to give a feel of notebook whenever you got tired of staying with the tablet mode. The bumps and scratches won’t be leaving impact on your iPad, thanks to sturdy material.


Buk a decent approach for your tablet

The Slims (£30; iPad Air) is a godsend for those who want to stick with the typical bookbinding stuff. The wooden frame comes in a blue, black and red interior. It’s also compatible with your iPad Air’s Magnetic Sleep/Wake mode.


iSkin a new choice for your tablet

The Solo Smart ($50; iPad 2/3) is made from a sturdy material that goes perfect under the daily vagaries of life. It is available in black, purple, pink, or blue.


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