Neurocam Scans Your Brainwave Activities

| November 2, 2013 | 2 Comments

Neurocam Scans Your Brainwave Activities

There’s a weird sort of device out there called Neurocam, operating with an iPhone, a brainwave reader and a mirror to click photos  when you show some interest in what you are looking at. The design of Neurocam uses a simple setup has a sensor and a head mount.

Neurocam Scans Your Brainwave Activities

The awkward thing about this setup is the brainwave reader that connects to your head. With the help of this sensor Neurocam scans your brainwave activities when your Brainwave Readout reaches to the 60 ( a specific scale that starts from 0 to 100), the device tells the iPhone to take a photo. iPhone is fixed with a prism so that its camera can grab the footage according to your mind. At the same time, EEG scans your brain activity that shows your interests. After that, you will find some photos on your Smartphone of things you are interested in. Sounds great isn’t it?

Neurocam Scans Your Brainwave Activities

The Neurocam contains a prism to keep your iPhone flat against your noggin. One thing that users don’t like is the iPhone sitting so near to one’s head for long periods of time. There’s also a concern over the radio waves that might cause brain damage because your Smartphone is sitting so close to your head for a long period of time.

Check it out a video from DigiInfo TV down here.

So a device like Neurocam is not necessarily the ideal solution in the end. But it can be used to gain some public hype as the idea is unique. I think it’s a way to promote iPhone indeed.


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