Lovely iPhone Cases This Week

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Lovely iPhone Cases This Week

In this roundup of iPhone case, you will find lots of great protection and safety for your handset, from the sporty to the stylish, from the practical to the strong ~ and one model which gives enough flags to begin your own unique model United Nations. So enjoy some lovely iPhone cases in this week.

Cocon Berlin

The Cocon (€29; iPhone 5) is made like an old~school notebook, with the vertical cover protected by a handy strap which secures your iPhone’s display from scratches and bumps when not in your use.

Lovely iPhone Cases This Week

Available in white, black, red, yellow, green, turquoise, orange, or pink interior, and that can be stamped with the custom monogram for only €5 fee.


The FlexStand ($30; iPhone 5) features a QR code so that you can fix to point to any info you select~that is handy in particular case that you lose your iPhone and a moral Samaritan agrees to return it in spite of selling it on the eBay.

Lovely iPhone Cases This Week

The case comes in blue, black, green, or white, also ruptures open to double as the viewing stand in the landscape orientation.


The Slip In ($20; iPhone 5) gives two different durable layers of defense: an inner cushion built from the soft kind of silicon which absorbs shock, and a slip~on rubber~coated plastic cover helps you to safe your iPhone from the bumps and scratches.

Lovely iPhone Cases This Week

Comes in white or black, with pink or orange highlights.


The iPower ($90; iPhone 5) features a 2300mAh battery which offers your handset  some extra power that it needs for the extended trips away from the grid.

Lovely iPhone Cases This Week

The two~part design of this nifty case, comes in a rubberized finish, helps you to protect your phone from scratches and bumps, and even enlarges your grip on the phone.


The Power+Shell EX ($55 to $99; iPhone 4, 4S, and 5) comes with a built~in battery that increases your iPhone’s life by giving an additional 2200mAh of power~excellent for the extended trips and strong usage in some areas with the poor signal coverage.

Lovely iPhone Cases This Week

Comes in white or black, the Power+Shell sports a kickstand which can be used to hold up your handset for the viewing in the landscape orientation.


Hello, bonjour, g’day, and ciao! The Flag Collection ($15 to $35; iPhone 4, 4S, & 5) brings some banner of approximately 2 dozen nations to your handset in one of the company’s logo adhesive skins.

Lovely iPhone Cases This Week

And now you can add on one of the Slickwrap’s bumpers if you would like, that’ll protect your handset from shock and drops.


The Protkt ($70; iPhone 5) was built particularly with the biking enthusiasts in the mind. It comes with a appropriate detachable mount which will fit the handlebar of bicycles mostly. Pooled with a case that can withstand about whatsoever the road can throw at it. Also from the rain to the dust.

Lovely iPhone Cases This Week

In spite of giving full wraparound protection, this nifty case lets you access your handset’s every function, comprising the capability to make calls.


The Kick ($25; iPhone 5) offers a durable and sturdy frame designed from the tough polycarbonate to keep your iPhone safe and secure during everyday use, with some appropriate cutouts to confirm unfettered availability to all of the iPhone’s ports, buttons and cameras.

Lovely iPhone Cases This Week

Comes in blue, white, brown, orange, or red, it also comes with a convenient pop~out kickstand which can be used for the viewing in the both portrait and landscape orientations.


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