The Latest Move on iPhone Cases

| February 21, 2014 | 0 Comments

This week, we got some bizarre things that would really make you stunned. What about to have a big ear or hand? Get all this from our latest move on iPhone cases.


Aegis for iPhone 5,5S

The Aegis ($35; iPhone 5/5S) is prepared from a solid polycarbonate for strong grip. The shock-resistant silicon makes it a perfect case while you’re on the go. It avoids falls, scratches and bumps during the daily vagaries of life. Comes in red, pink, blue, black or green and features a screen protector for free.


Have fun with Hamee

The Hand Case ($49; iPhone 5/5S) includes a silicone-made hand for the interest. Don’t worry, you no more need to keep an eye on your iPhone as it is in someone’s safe hand. Apart from fake hand, it helps your handset avoid scratches and bumps.


Have fun with BigEar

The BigEar ($10; iPhone 5/5S) is a little bit big thing for your handset, that’ll evoke others to know what you’re carrying in your hands, is it a stuffed toy for your kids? With silicone rubber, it helps your iPhone keep away from scratches and bumps.

Calypso Case

Decent look with Cabrio

The Cabrio (€139; iPhone 5/5S) comes with a solid aluminium body folded in top Italian leather. The presence of microfabrics in the inner side keeps your device safe and sound from vagaries of life. Available in dark red, black, purple and green.

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